One Hard Simple Question

Recent experiences have led me to ask myself some questions. Questions that I have never thought about before. Questions that made me look hard, then made me look back at myself.

I wanted to try and recreate the same kind of ripple that those questions started in me, so I decided to set my camera up in town to get passersby to answer a very personal question for a free cookie.

The First of Springtime Adventures

“What are you gonna do when you get to Glenorchy; just turn back around?” My boss Tony retorted when I told him of our plans the day before.

The drive between Queenstown to Glenorchy is known to be one of the best drives in the South Island of New Zealand. Emphasis on the word ‘drive’, so when Pep and I planned on biking a whole 94km there and back in a day, we knew it wasn’t about Glenorchy; it was about getting there.



This kid is nuts; he did the whole ride on a fixie and kicked ass at it. My ass to be specific; I lost sight of him at the first 10K mark.


Pinecones carpeted the shoulder of the road

A spot where I ate by spreading peanut butter on an apple with a twig

A spot where I ate by spreading peanut butter on an apple with a twig

During that whole journey, I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I could skip or repeat any of the songs I wanted on my iPod that was strapped around my arm. It was a road trip without the need to tolerate poor music selections.

Moss covered rock face

A moss covered rock face

Taking a break from the wind

Taking a break from the wind

Birch trees providing much needed shade on a hot day

Birch forest providing much needed shade on a hot day


This place is stupid beautiful; we could see why so many big-name movies were shot here.


“It’s crazy how much snow they’ve still got over here” Pep who’s also a skier comparing the snow capped mountains to the ones we have in Queenstown.
“I was just thinking that; notice it’s colder down here too?”

The walnuts I had to pass up for not having cash to put in the honesty box


Stopping to take it all in

This trip was overwhelming in so many ways. To see this incredible place on a bike was like getting to experience it firsthand; without a filter. The awe hits you hard, and it hits you all at once.

“All this beauty, you might have to close your eyes, and slowly open wide”
All This Beauty – The Weepies

Spring is finally here, and I’ve got the perfect biker shorts sunburn lines to show for it.